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Building Legacies

At Capital Square, we are building something bigger than ourselves.

Our Purpose

We build legacies for investors, team members and communities.

Our Vision

We develop and manage the future, one property at a time.

Our Mission

We raise capital, buildings and expectations.

High up view of West Lenoir in the evening surrounded by the lit up city. The view of West Lenoir includes the parking garage and rooftop pool.
Our Core Values

Investors First

Investors are the soul of our business, so we provide unparalleled service to continuously improve their experience.

Across-the-Board Excellence

We bring quality, awareness and a depth of knowledge to every project and relationship.

Steadfast Integrity

Setting the highest standards, we are honest in all we do and hold strong to our principles.

Entrepreneurial Gumption

With sleeves rolled up, we approach every day with zeal and every challenge head-on, understanding that the best outcomes require discipline, grit and creativity.

Family Fundamentals

Our culture of collegiality and family-oriented values is a competitive advantage, which we go to great lengths to nurture and preserve.

Dynamic Growth

We are solidly perched on past successes but never satisfied with the status quo. We foster a climate of innovation, expansion and continuous improvement.

Collective Responsibility

Respect and transparent governance are woven into our culture, as are social accountability, environmental stewardship and the well-being of our community.