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The foundation of Capital Square is its people

Led by a team with decades of industry experience, Capital Square is dedicated to providing exceptional investor and advisor service.

Headshot of Louis Rogers

Louis Rogers

Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Whitson Huffman

Whitson Huffman

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Jay Olander

President and Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Jacqueline Rogers

Jacqueline Rogers

Chief Communications & Operating Officer
Headshot of Jeff Gregor

Jeff Gregor

Chief Legal Officer
Drew Jackson

Drew Jackson

Chief Distribution Officer
Headshot of Adam Stifel

Adam Stifel

Chief Development Officer
Angela Inge

Angela Inge

Chief Accounting Officer
Dave Platter

Dave Platter

Co-Chief Investment Officer
Jon Trott

Jon Trott

Co-Chief Investment Officer
Mark Luzzi

Mark Luzzi

Chief Acquisitions Officer
Headshot of Jeff Blount

Jeff Blount

Chief Technology Officer
Headshot of Mark Mercado

Mark Mercado

Executive Vice President, Investment Programs & Operations
Headshot of Michael Ollinger

Michael Ollinger

Executive Vice President, Construction & Development
Headshot of Natalie Mason

Natalie Mason

Executive Vice President, Development
Melodie Bobko

Melodie Bobko

Executive Vice President, Director of Transactions
Jorge Figueiredo

Jorge Figueiredo

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management
Headshot of Chris Hirth

Chris Hirth

Senior Vice President, Director of Asset Management
Donna Quick

Donna Quick

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Sydney Hockaday

Sydney Hockaday

Vice President, Marketing
Headshot of Dr. Peter Linneman

Dr. Peter Linneman

Economic Advisor

Combined Years of Real Estate Experience

55+ Years


170+ Years

Accounting & Finance

315+ Years


95+ Years

Investor Relations

105+ Years

Asset Management

50+ Years


85+ Years


40+ Years


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