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Development Funds

Offering the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns in a shorter time period

Capital Square sponsors development funds in the form of LLCs, dedicated to build-for-rent (BFR) communities.

Street view of Perch Denton

“Capital Square is known for its tax-advantaged real estate offerings that provide tax deferral/exclusion, stable income and capital appreciation for thousands of investors nationwide. Many investors and their advisors have requested additional real estate investments that generate superior risk adjusted returns in a shorter time horizon. Our development LLC offerings fit the bill.”

– Louis Rogers, founder and co-CEO of Capital Square

The same economic trends that are driving the increase in multifamily renters also drive the increase in single-family renters. The only difference is the profile of the renter. Multifamily rentals primarily attract young adults and retirees. Single-family rentals attract the middle generations that need more space for kids and a dog. 

Build-for-rent communities of single-family rental (SFR) homes, townhomes and cottages are managed with all the conveniences of a multifamily rental community while allowing for significantly more room for a family to grow.

Capital Square’s Private Equity Group, launched in 2022, focuses on build-for-rent communities and other real estate investment opportunities. Our development funds are just one more piece of Capital Square’s value chain—one more direction where we’re finding new and innovative ways to always put our investors first.

Frequently Asked Questions on development funds, build for rent (BFR) and single-family rentals (SFR):