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Developments that Capture the Artistry & Creative Style of Richmond, Virginia

Capital Square Development crane over Richmond, Virginia

The vibrant murals captured across our Scott’s Addition developments embrace the thriving artistic spirit of Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is home to hundreds of murals scattered across its many historic neighborhoods. The city’s street art is rich and diverse, a reflection of the many cultures and backgrounds that make up the local community.

When planning new projects, incorporating public art isn’t an afterthought. It is essential for thoughtfully integrating into the communities that we serve. At each of our buildings in historic Scott’s Addition, we have dedicated space that showcases the talent of our local art community and further contributes to the neighborhood – a vibrant, walkable district packed with artisans, restaurants, breweries, and local small businesses.

When the latest crane rose over Scott’s Addition, we saw not only another opportunity for public art, but an opportunity to further engage with the community where we live and work. The installation “Rings of Saturn” will be on display through most of 2024 while the crane is in operation to construct 2922 W Marshall Street, a three-building mixed-use multifamily development.

The project will be a further reflection of Capital Square Development‘s mission: to execute high quality, placemaking development projects that serve the communities in which they reside.   

Staying true to the identity of the community has been at the heart of every development initiative in Scott’s Addition – just as understanding the local fabric has been essential in Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; and every other Capital Square development project. 

Artists we have featured within our Richmond developments include:

The Night Owl, VIV at Scott’s Collection

Mickael Broth, also known as the Night Owl, painted alongside internationally renowned graffiti artists for the first RVA Street Art Festival over ten years ago in Richmond. Since that time, not only has Virginia’s capital city exploded with public art, but local artists have earned their reputation on a global scale.

In addition to his work across and within VIV (as pictured above), the Night Owl has painted over two hundred public murals throughout the United States and Europe. His book, Murals of Richmond, documents the street art explosion in the city, and our Capital Square team is honored to have this artist’s work in the spotlight.

Thicket Design, INK at Scott’s Collection

Naomi McCavitt, the artist behind Thicket Design, has worked as both scientific illustrator and surface designer. From these dual inspirations comes artwork both accessible and stunningly serene. Her creative projects have been showcased in Richmond, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Seattle, while her years spent designing nature-based illustrations for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries have their own legacy in her Audubon-esque attention to detail.

Thicket Design’s work on and around INK, which includes a lobby mural and a multi-story exterior façade mural (seen above), infuses this once-industrial neighborhood with ecology and a reconsideration of what is worthy of our attention. The visual weight of her compositions sparks the imagination of every passerby, lending a bold vibe to everyday experiences, an originality that spills into viewer’s imaginations.

Humble, VIV at Scott’s Collection

Christian Kyle Harrell, better known as Humble, has created art for brands from TOMS to Pepsi, but his impact on local projects has had even more profound results. Though he has lived in Richmond, Virginia for more than a decade, his phosphorescent, energy-filled large-scale art has appeared in galleries, at festivals and on walls from New York to Puerto Rico. Evoking emotion and connection, his creative works are intentional and alive.

The Richmond creative scene is captured by Humble’s work at the Richmond International Airport, but now this trademark vitality is also captured on a massive exterior façade mural at VIV (above) as well.

Vero Rivera, Gem at Scott’s Collection

Vero Rivera is fascinated by creating art that mimics nature’s innate talent “to adapt, heal and strive depending on its surroundings and experiences.” In her work, the natural world frequently intervenes, reclaiming spaces in urban environments in styles both serene and stunning. A native of Puerto Rico and an artist who has created street art and held gallery shows across the world, Vero continues to catch audiences’ attention with her ephemeral grandeur.

GEM at Scott’s Collection (above) is graced by an exterior façade mural by Vero Rivera. Our team was proud to bring such an internationally acclaimed artist back to Richmond.

Emily Herr, The Otis

Emily Herr, who creates custom hand-painted murals under the name HerrSuite, believes in embracing your space. A Richmond-based muralist specializing in bright imagery and exploring new contexts, Emily’s work captures shared experience and new archetypes alike. Her mobile studio allows her to transport everything she needs to capture her creative vision, wherever she happens to be.

Honoring the DIY community at the roots of Scott’s Addition’s history and its present day, Emily Herr’s mural on The Otis (above) is one of the largest murals in Richmond. After the revelation of the Otis murals, the stunning work was also showcased by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

In Conclusion

When you’re building the future of a community, you need to not only build it well; you need to fully consider the unique identity of a neighborhood to cultivate everything that it is and everything that it could be.

This is how we build the future of Richmond, and this is how we build the future of real estate.


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